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6 Tips to Keep your Next Visit to a Nail Salon Safe

6 Tips to Keep Your Nail Salon Visit Safe

Are you really sure that your nail salon is indeed safe?

You may brush this question off as nonsense if you’ve never had any problems with your nail salons at all, however, the risk of getting an infection is real if their services do not follow safety and sanitary protocol.

Today’s blog post will show you what to watch out for in a nail salon to ensure that every minute of your manicure and pedicure experience is safe and worthwhile.


How to Keep your Visit to Nail Salon Safe

Do some online research

Before visiting the salon, check if they have a website and find any credible reviews about them. Most people with bad experiences  will not hesitate to air out their opinions online. However, some reviews may also be biased so always take everything with a grain of salt until you have gathered enough facts or you’ve actually visited the salon yourself.


Check out the nail salon

It’s best to arrive at least 20 minutes earlier than your scheduled appointment so you have enough time to inspect the place. A professional salon will put a premium on cleanliness and will make sure that all their equipment and tools are sanitary. The salon and their technicians should have their license posted by the entrance where it’s visible to their customers.


Ask if their tools undergo decontamination procedure to keep them clean and infection-free

Ask them if they are using autoclaves or chemical disinfectants to decontaminate their tools. Autoclaves use pressure and high temperature to kill ALL microorganisms (harmful or not) while chemical disinfectants (e.g. alcohol) will eliminate almost all harmful microbial life. If you’re unsure about their procedure, consider having your next mani-pedi in a medi spa where it is supervised by a licensed physician.


It should not be painful

Keep in mind that you’re visiting a nail salon to feel comfortable and confident about the results so if you’re met with nothing but pain, it’s a sign that you should look elsewhere.


Don’t allow them to cut your cuticles

Cuticles protect the nail bed from infectious bacteria. It’s recommended to leave it alone or push it back using an orange stick with a cotton on its tip. Cutting your cuticles may tear the skin which increases the chance of you having an infection.


Bring your own kit

Some nail salons will allow you to bring your own manicure set. Always remember to keep them clean and sanitized before and after use. Clean your steel instruments with hydrogen peroxide.


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