A Day of Adventure at Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park Danao

Coincidentally, my friend Sandra’s birthday falls on the same day as November 1st, which is a  non-working holiday in the Philippines in celebration of All Saint’s Day.

Next to fiestas, Easter,Christmas and New Year, All Saint’s Day is one of the most popular feast among Filipinos. As expected, everyone will flock in cemeteries and have a bustling reunion with their relatives alongside tombs of their dearly departed.

But today, I beg to stray away from this old tradition and instead revel with the living, that is,  celebrating Sandra’s illustrious life as samorz?dowcom it unfolds for another year. I’ll probably visit the cemeteries tomorrow when traffic  is not as monstrous.


Going to Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Just arrived at Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Just arrived at Danasan Eco Park

Danasan Eco Adventure Park

Ireen, Sandra and I decided to travel to Danasan Eco Adventure Park, an inconspicuous eco-friendly gem in Northern Cebu, an hour away from the main bustling city of Danao.

By 9 AM, we rode in their service van together with the other tourists. The zigzag path going to Brgy. Danasan (where this park is located) is cumbersome at best and seems to go on endlessly.

I was a bit surprised this charming place is still part of Danao City, as it is far removed from the urban demeanor of a city and rather feels more like going to another far-flung sleepy town.

By the time we arrived at Danasan Eco Adventure Park, boy, were we hungry. We bought a bunch of ‘puso’ (hanging rice) before we came to the venue (obviously to save some money) and ordered a combo meal at their canteen.

They only have 3 meals featured on their menu but it took them almost an hour to Suggestions serve our cheap jerseys order perhaps because it took forever to get the orders from a group of Korean tourists.

Welcome to Danasan Eco Adventure Park Sign

This place is awesome!


Trekking and Rappelling in Danasan Falls

The food at Danasan Eco Adventure Park was ‘meh’’. Nothing spectacular but because we’re hungry, we just devoured it nonetheless. Like we have choice, right? Now, we are looking forward for our tour guide to take us to the Danasan falls.

Ireen and Sandra was game enough to include rappelling in their itinerary.  I don’t know, I’m not too keen on rappelling for now. Maybe in the future when I’m a little bit adventurous.

We were almost pissed by the time our driver arrived from his break. It was beyond 1:30 PM and this cheap mlb jerseys does not sit well for thrill-seekers like us. Believe me, every minute waiting for someone is wasted and could have already been spent well frolicking in the pristine waterfalls by now. This is not Filipino time. This is already trolling.

Okay, moving on. Now I get it why they have us ride their humongous military jeep. Its immensely rugged terrain will make you want to hold on to dear life.

But this is part of what we’re here Wine for. All three of us were in fits of laughter during the entire 20-minute journey and surely, this is one ‘bumpy’ adventure we’ll never forget.

Trekking going to Danasan Falls at Danasan Eco Adventure Park

A steep path going to Danasan Falls

Arriving there, you have to walk a few meters more down a footpath going to the waterfalls. The waterfall was almost surreal and breathtaking.

All negative vibes will fly out of the window once you get to see this picturesque view.

Being a city dweller all my life, this unspoiled natural wonder still amazes me and leaves me awestruck.

Danasan falls features three awesome drops that, according to their wholesale nfl jerseys website, measure 10 meters, 20 meters and 60 meters respectively.

Because I’m not a good swimmer, I have to content myself with swimming in small pool of water with the help of a life jacket and watch while the others are preparing themselves for rappelling slowly down the second water that looks intimidating from afar.


I could get used to this

In here you can just lie down on rocks, watch birds fly by, bask in the fresh smell of mountain air as the strong current from the water gives you a good ol’ back massage.

However, positioning yourself immediately below a raging waterfall is a different story and can be every bit painful. Make sure you get your footing right or you can get yourself swept away in no time.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park - Enjoying Danasan Falls with my friends

Enjoying Danasan Falls

Our dynamic tour guide duo accompanied us to the second and finally to the third (and the most magnificent of the three) waterfall.

The trek descending a very steep trail is especially challenging but we shelve whatever fear we may have and just get it going. In every travel, there will always be inhere risks but fear can paralyze anyone from enjoying the moment. But always heed the advice from your tour guide and don’t do anything stupid.

Once we’re on the the peak of the third waterfall, one of the guides pointed across a rock formation shrouded with moss. Wait, it does resemble something, hmmm. Oh, it looks like an eagle. Sweet. Mother nature at its best.

Danasan Eco Adventure Park - Danasan Falls

Lovin’ every minute here.

A few minutes and a hundred photos later, we climbed to the stone stairway going back to the starting point of the trek activity and settled ourselves again to this formidable jeep waiting for us.

Along the way, we picked up the Korean tourists who went exploring the caves after trekking in Danasan falls.


Dead tired but happier

It was almost 6pm when we departed from Danasan Eco Adventure Park and we just slept off our tiredness. But we couldn’t be any happier. Another awe-inspiring place worth sharing and in my case, blogging about.

I do hope that the park maintains this place well for generations to come so many more can enjoy and relish the panoramic view and its myriad of exciting activities. I hope to see this place again and have a great dose of fun just like what I had today.

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