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Beauty and Butter: An Awesome Nail Pampering Experience

Beauty and Butter: An Awesome Nail Pampering Experience

Beauty and Butter Nail Lounge is my latest nail pampering destination. Did it meet my expectation? Let’s find out.   

Beauty and Butter: An Awesome Nail Pampering Experience


I often have dry, flaky hands. This is not due to genetics, but more of an outcome from this incessant habit of hand washing. Whether one calls this as a major case of OCD or simply a predilection to cleanliness, my hands remain woeful victims to dry spells.

It’s a good thing that I have nothing to do this weekend; which gives me an ample time for some good, old me-time pampering. I went to Beauty and Butter in SM City Cebu to have a basic manicure, pedicure and a hot hand paraffin wax because… why not?

Every woman needs to spoil herself sometimes, right? Besides, my hands really deserve some attention after a week of abuse from computer work, laundry errands, and a host of other excuses. Haha.


On Sterilizing Nail Tools

What I found particularly interesting was that before we started with our mani-pedi sesh, my nail assistants gave me a sealed packet. Curious, I examined its content and found out it contained their tools like nail clipper, nipper, nail file, etc.

I need to sign the back of the packet that  says I received it sealed and that they were all sterilized before the treatment was done. It’s just one of saying that,“we take our jobs seriously and we don’t want to get sued”. I have also seen other employees sterilizing their tools inside a sterilizer to prove that they are not bluffing.

Often, we disregard these little things as nothing because we assume that every treatment will go as planned. Keep in mind, these nail tools have been used to service thousands of customers.

Who knows, what kind of bacteria or fungus is lurking around if these were not sanitized and sterilized. I find it commendable that Beauty and Butter does this for their customers.

I have yet to see this practiced by budget salons though. I don’t know if they are aware of the health risks involved if they accidentally cut someone’s toes with unsanitized tools.


The Pedicure Experience

Pedicure Treatment at Beauty and Butter SM City Cebu

Beauty and Butter’s basic manicure and pedicure service cost P250 each. It’s not the cheapest in town but neither is it the most expensive. It’s just right for people like me who don’t often go to nails salons.

One would expect that if you’ll pay this much for mani-pedi services compared to what you’ll pay your suking manikurista (a trusted neighborhood manicurist), then you should get your money’s worth, at least.

The pedicure treatment started with a foot soak, followed with cuticle removal, nail cut and application of nail color and polish. I chose the dark peach color for both nails because it looks pretty but not too overpowering.

I like that it matches well with any clothes I wear. The whole procedure went on smoothly and I took quick nap in between.


Manicure + Hand Paraffin Wax

Manicure and Hot Hand Paraffin Wax at Beauty and Butter SM City Cebu

This is how the hand paraffin wax treatment was done.

The other assistant did the same thing except with applying nail polish. They said that nail polish will be applied after the paraffin wax treatment to prevent the polish from melting. That makes sense.

The entire procedure took not more than 5 minutes and costs P350.00 for the hands. It costs more if you want to wax your entire arm or feet.  It was my first time  so I was slightly worried of the outcome. But there was nothing to worry though because it was generally 100% safe.

They filled a small white tub with heated paraffin wax with raspberry scent and tested the temperature. I dipped each of my hands on the wax mixture for a few seconds before lifting it from the tub. It was hot! It was bearable but still hot. I saw the wax drying up on my skin and it looked like melted wax dripping from a lighted candle.

She then wrapped each of my hands with a plastic Cling wrap before covering them with white mittens. Awww, that felt oddly delicious. I felt like a baby again.

I waited for 15 minutes before the wax wrap was pulled off and the nail polish was applied. The result was instant baby-soft hands.  After submitting my hands to constant abuse from computer work, it now looked smooth and less tired again.

People who say that these beauty regimen are a waste of money must not know how therapeutic it can be to just sit there, do nothing while someone fiddles with your nails and cuticles until it looks gorgeous and clean. There’s no harm with doing it once in a while. 



Beauty and Butter SM City Cebu

Inside Beauty and Butter’s nail salon, you’ll be treated to a smorgasbord of vibrant colors, low-key music, visually stunning wall art designs and colorful cushioned seats. I love that they have fat pillows to cushion my back and feet.

They also have magazines, and TVs to entertain customers while their nail treatment is going on. Their staff were mostly friendly, approachable and helpful.


Beauty and Butter: A Final Note

Overall, I didn’t regret going here at Beauty and Butter for my new mani-pedi sesh. I especially liked their hot paraffin wax which exfoliated my hands back to life which felt soft to touch. 

I would definitely recommend that you try out their service if you haven’t already. Given that I paid P850 for all three services, you can expect to get a superb service at that price or even more.

Aside from nail treatment, they offer a wide range of beauty treatment for the face and body. To check if they have a branch near your area, check out their website: Beauty and Butter.


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