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Ventosa Cupping at Grand Royal Spa | Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide

Ventosa Cupping Massage at Grand Royal Spa

Grand Royal Spa Banilad Town Center

My work has been a little bit stressful these past few weeks and I thought to myself that I should probably give myself a much deserved break to get my mojo back. Of course, the most obvious stress-buster that I could think of is  having a massage.

Days before I decided to have a massage at Grand Royal Spa, my back hurts like hell and my neck was stiff at best. Must be those long hours of staring at computers with a poor posture.

So after work, I went to Banilad Town Center, a posh shopping strip where this popular spa is located. Was it ever mentioned to you that traffic in Banilad is horrendous? Yes, it is and you must especially avoid it during rush hour or trust me, you’re going to lose your cool.


Yey,  Grand Royal Spa offers Discount!

It must be my lucky night because they were offering a 20% discount (on some services) as part of their Summer Blowout. It ain’t much but hey it’s better than nothing. Their Ventosa Cupping massage which was originally priced at P380 was only P304 instead.

Many seasoned bargain hunters would think that it’s still not a real steal considering that there are so many spas out there that offers a cheaper price for the same service.

Can’t argue with that though but for spa enthusiasts like me, price is not always everything. Service will always level out the playing field.

 Grand Royal Spa Front Desk

I’m fascinated by this interesting decor in the middle.

All warmed up

My spa attendant at the time was Lalaine. She led me inside a narrow hallway with subdued lighting where cubicles are separated by flimsy-looking walls that barely muffles out people’s footsteps and faint chitchat.

She started with a quick dry massage (without the oils and everything) before I heard her fidgeting with a lighter. Obviously, I can’t see what she’s doing because I was lying face down but I know that she was warming up the cups.

While the cupping method creates slightly deep suction on the skin that feels really delicious, it can leave dark circular markings on your back which look like hickies made by an octopus. So I don’t recommend you do this if you need to bare some skin the next day.

Cupping was rather quick and painless. My back pain was gone instantly. She continued to work on my head and whole body with a fusion of Swedish and Thai massage strokes. By the time she was done, I felt so relaxed and sleepy.

Grand Royal Spa in Cebu City

Cozy, don’t you think?

The morning after

I woke up with a slight soreness on my back that makes getting up from my bed such a chore.  A little stretching here and there did the trick and somehow alleviated the pain and my body felt revitalized once again.

Some spas I know offer Ventosa cupping as an add-on to their main service but Grand Royal Spa offers them as a standalone which is awesome if you want to try something different. The price was just right and the service was splendid.

If you can forgo the unsightly markings, then you won’t have anything to worry about. So the next time you’re looking for an alternative therapeutic remedy for back pains or simply to loosen up those tense muscles, you might want to consider Ventosa cupping on your next spa trip.

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