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Category: Positivity

fitness quotes

10 Fitness Quotes to Motivate You to Work Out

  The challenging part about achieving any fitness goals is actually starting it. No matter how optimistic we are about our goals, it can prove to be quite a struggle to get yourself motivated to work out at the gym...

30 Things That Im Truly Grateful For

30 Things that I’m Truly Grateful For

One thing that I’m sure of is that I am blessed. Even with all the problems and challenges that I may have, I still feel and see abundance everywhere that has somehow enriched my life, one way or another. These abundance...

100 Positive Compliments to Brighten Up Someone's Day

100 Positive Compliments to Brighten Up Someone’s Day

  Want to make someone else’s day a lot better? Giving someone positive compliments is an easy–but often an overlooked way–to cheer someone up. Sometimes, our days are rough, it didn’t go as planned or we are too self-conscious or anxious about the...

Is Love Really Worth It?

Do you agree that love that makes even the most mundane things extra special?  Here’s a beautiful quote I found that speaks volumes about this beautiful thing called  “Love”.    🙂 © Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide. All rights reserved.

A quote about beauty and peace

Inner Peace Comes from Seeing the Beauty Around You

– The more we appreciate the beauty around us, the more we feel blessed and at peace with our ourselves and the world. Am I right?  #LiveLifetotheFullest  #Blessed © Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide. All rights reserved.