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Samal Island Davao

Samal Island: A Paradise Found

I rarely get to travel these days, but when I do, it’s only fitting to be at the enchanting Samal Island, a pleasant respite from the excruciating summer heat. Situated within Davao Gulf, Samal Island is 2 kilometers away from Davao City....

Early Summer Beachin' in Tabuelan

Early Summer Beachin’ in Tabuelan

It was 5 am on a sleepy Sunday morning, my officemates and I were already up and about despite the obvious lack of sleep. We took a 2-hour road trip to a beach resort in Tabuelan for our second team outing. Just the night...

Why It’s a Must to Drink More Water Everyday

We all experienced being thirsty at some point in our lives but what if one day, we suddenly stop drinking water altogether? In reality, many take drinking water for granted, because it seem not as important as food. However, water...

Is Love Really Worth It?

Do you agree that love that makes even the most mundane things extra special?  Here’s a beautiful quote I found that speaks volumes about this beautiful thing called  “Love”.    🙂 © Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide. All rights reserved.

A quote about beauty and peace

Inner Peace Comes from Seeing the Beauty Around You

– The more we appreciate the beauty around us, the more we feel blessed and at peace with our ourselves and the world. Am I right?  #LiveLifetotheFullest  #Blessed © Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide. All rights reserved.

Email Productivity

How to Improve Your Email Productivity

Email Productivity tools or apps used to simplify reading and processing emails has remarkably improved over the years but what hasn’t changed much is that there are people who still find it really stressful because it eats up too much...