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Different Types of Spa

Different Types of Spa

Going on a luxurious spa holiday is a perfect way to relax and unwind from life’s daily stresses. It allows your body to detoxify, boost circulation and soothe you emotionally and spiritually.

You may not know it, but not all spas are the same, and the treatment they provide will definitely vary. Since there are a lot of attractive spas to choose from, which one should you go for? Today’s article will show you the rundown of the different spas to help you decide which spa fits your needs.


Traditional Spa

With traditional spas, you are offered a wide array of spa treatments that help you to relax, improve health and beauty. Aside from the basic treatment, it usually includes access to amenities such as sauna, jacuzzi, steam rooms, swimming pool and fitness gym.


Day Spa

A day spa is called as such because it’s a place where you go for spa treatments like facials, body massage, mud wraps and boy scrubs, but unlike resort spas, these services are offered during the day only. Day spas may vary in terms of style and character, and some may also offer hair salon services. What’s important is to look for a day spa that is completely separate from the noisy salon environment.


Destination Spa

Destination spas have facilities that promote healthy lifestyle transformation for their spa goers. It provides an extensive program that includes therapeutic spa services, fitness activities, healthy cuisine and lectures on wellness education. To get full advantage of the program, you need to stay at the spa for at least two to three days or longer.


Resort Spa

If you’re looking for a nice pampering experience while staying at resort or hotel, a resort spa is a great choice. Activities offered in resort or hotel spas usually includes full-service spa treatment,  tennis, golf, horseback riding, fitness classes and a wide array of menu options compared to what’s offered in destination spas where the main goal is to promote healthy transformation.


Medical Spa

Medical spa is fast-growing spa concept which is a hybrid between a day spa and healthcare clinic operated by licensed medical professionals. Spa therapists work together with medical experts to integrate spa treatments and cosmetic enhancements. Popular services offered are Botox, laser treatments and other cosmetic procedures.


Ayurvedic Spa

Ayurveda is ancient Hindu traditional healing system that means “science of life” in Sanskrit. The concept behind Ayurveda is to improve a person’s health by establishing a balance between the mind, body and spirit. Ayurveda treatments involve prescribed diet, meditation, yoga,  and detoxification.


Mobile spa

This is a great option for those who want to bring a relaxing day spa experience for bridal showers, bachelorette parties or corporate events in the comforts of your home, hotel or office.


Airport Spa

Passengers who want to pamper themselves before or after their flight may opt for spa treatments from airport spas. Services may include a quick facial treatment, chair massage, or more extensive spa services.


Thermal Spa

A thermal spa makes use of the thermal waters from a hot spring to boost circulation, improve metabolism, aid in digestion, and get rid of toxins from the body. Thermal water mostly contains high percentage of minerals that can bring numerous health and therapeutic benefits, relief from ailments and injuries and other health conditions.


Dental Spa

A dental spa incorporates spa treatments like facials and body massage on top of their usual dental services in spa-like atmosphere. This  relaxing aura makes every trip to a dentist much more pleasant and enjoyable as compared to going to a regular dentist appointment.

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