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Spa 101: How to Enjoy a Thai Massage

Spa 101: How to Enjoy a Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the most sought-after massage therapies out there. And for a good reason. It’s known to reduce stress level while turning your body into butter after an hour of yoga-like positions.

Most people think that a thai massage is painful. But, with these tips that I’ll share with you today, hopefully it may lessen your pre-conceived notion about this traditional form of massage and find your next sesh more enjoyable.

Have you tried a Thai massage before? If not, I would recommend you try it if you haven’t already. Of course, you need to check first with your doctor for any health restriction that might prevent you from doing it.


What is a Thai Massage?

Also known as “Nuat Phaen Boran”  in Thai language, a thai massage is an ancient massage that targets the meridian (a path where qi or life-energy flows) in the body. It incorporates elements of yoga and ayurveda to bring harmony and balance to the energy channels all throughout the body.

Rather than the usual rubbing or kneading of the muscles, it consists of stretches, flowing and rhythmic movements along the body’s meridian and pressure points.

It doesn’t use oils or lotions so you can remain clothed during the entire treatment. If you feel very shy about taking off your clothes, this is recommended for you.  

It is often regarded as an intensely meditative experience. One that can release you from mental and physical stress, as well as enhance flexibility and energy.

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How does it Work?

When you’re sick, the energy flow around the body is said to be blocked or doesn’t flow as freely as it should. Having a thai massage stimulates the flow of energy around the body.

The therapist uses their body weight to apply adequate pressure to ease off tension and stress within the muscles. They use their palms, thumbs, feet, elbow, knees and forearms when performing a Thai massage. It uses a lot of muscle stretching, compression and pressure points in a rhythmic movement.

A Western version of a Thai massage is done on couch using oils on the skin, in a lengthy, continuous strokes.


Things to Consider before booking a Thai Massage

  • It is recommended for people suffering from physical and mental fatigue, muscular tension and emotional and mental stress.
  • Since it’s a deep massage, you might feel some slight pain and tightness on your muscles.
  • You can wear loose-fitting clothes
  • Expect a lot of deep stretching and rhythmic strokes using the palms, elbows, forearms, knees and feet.
  • Some health condition might have adverse effect to your Thai massage treatment. People with these health conditions: thrombosis, Joint or bone issues, skeletal conditions, pregnancy, varicose veins, recent surgeries, high blood pressure and old age are strongly advised to see their doctor before doing a Thai massage.

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Tips to Make Every Thai Massage Enjoyable

Whether it’s your first time or not, you can get so much health benefit from a Thai massage. Just take stock of these things to ensure that every trip to your massage will be less painful.

  • Be open-minded. Understand and accept all the physical and emotional benefits it can offer.
  • Be on time. It’s better to arrive early to avoid any undue stress.
  • Don’t eat before the massage. Give yourself at least 3 hours after a meal before engaging in any massage.
  • Just relax. Release your mind from worries and doubts and just enjoy the process. Don’t forget to breathe during the entire treatment as this allows the body to loosen up.
  • Talk to your therapist. Inform your therapist beforehand the amount of pressure, areas to target and what positions you find painful.
  • Choose a reputable spa. Ask around which spas offers the best spa experience and make sure that their massage therapists are qualified for the job.
  • Wear loose-fitting clothes. This isn’t necessary but it helps to wear something comfortable.
  • Skip it... If you’re on your period, you feel queasy or your body just don’t feel up to it, skip it and book your massage for another day.


Final Thought

Believe it or not, a Thai massage can help you relax and ease off tension from tired muscles. It may seem uncomfortable and painful to some but if the pressure is done right, it can be enjoyable.  

By following these tips I’ve mentioned, you can make every spa visit even more pleasant and memorable for you. Do have other tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below.  

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