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5 Simple Holiday Beauty Tips

5 Simple Holiday Beauty Tips

holiday beauty tips


It is the special season where families and friends  gather to celebrate this wonderful occasion of the year. Whether it’s the Christmas Eve or New Year’s Day, you want to look gorgeous while preparing yourself for the holidays. Here are some awesome beauty tips you can follow for this holiday season and beyond.


5 Simple Holiday Beauty Tips You Can Follow


  1. Exfoliate for a soft, smooth skin.

Nothing is more stressful than during the holidays. There’s always the never-ending parties, shopping and preparing special meal for your loved ones. Stress, if left unchecked may lead you to acne breakouts and dry, itchy skin.

To get the pre- and post-holiday glow, one of the best skin care regimen you can do is to exfoliate. That’s right. Oftentimes, folks forget to include exfoliation as part of their beauty routine. A simple body scrub is enough to slough away dead skin cells that accumulated on your skin.

You can try dry body brushing to subdue the appearance of cellulite. Before you hit the shower, spend around five minutes dry brushing, begin from the sole of your foot towards your heart in a gentle, circular motion. For your face, use an exfoliating cleanser or gentle facial scrub. Then follow it up with moisturizer and body cream.  


  1. Protection against sun damage

Even in tropical countries like the Philippines, the weather can be a little cooler in December to January. But don’t be fooled by this. UVB rays (one that causes sunburns and skin reddening) and UVA rays (causes skin wrinkling and premature aging) are present all year-round. You can check out this article to know more about UVA and UVB.

Whether or not it’s the holiday season, It’s important to apply sunscreen with SPF 15 or above to protect yourself against the harmful damage caused by sunlight.


  1. De-puff your eyes and get enough sleep.

While parties and get-together can be enjoyable, it’s the lack of sleep and exhaustion after the party that makes it less pleasant. When you’re constantly on a sleep debt, it will take a toll on your body soon. This can lead to dark circles and puffy eye bags.

Don’t forget to get enough sleep and always keep hydrated especially when drinking alcohol. To relieve dark circles and puffiness, you can use products from your kitchen.

Put a cold chamomile tea bags over your eyes or cucumber over your eye bags for 15 minutes. If you don’t have teabags or cucumbers, just put a spoon overnight and put it on your eyes while lying down. The coolness can lessen the swelling and drain fluids that accumulated under the eyes.

During the day, use a cream concealer to cover dark circles. The concealer should match your skin tone and contain moisturizer since the skin under the eyes are thin, soft and doesn’t produce as much oil compared to rest of the skin on the face.


  1. Remedy for sore feet

From shopping to party going, you will surely use your feet more often during the holiday season. If you’re wearing the wrong shoes, this can definitely cause painful blisters, calluses and swelling. Wear something comfortable that will last you the entire day.

To give instant relief to sore feet, put a tennis ball under feet, roll it from toes to heel on each foot. If that doesn’t help, a professional foot reflexology massage might help. This will not only relieve soreness, can also relieve back pain and migraines and back pain.

Since your feet actually carries your weight, they are prone to wear and tear, too. Make sure to keep them in great condition. Exfoliate the entire body as well as your feet. Try a pumice stone or foot file to smooth out rough areas of the feet and continue with a relaxing foot spa session. Your feet will thank you for that delicious treatment.


  1. Enjoy and be happy.

There’s no better beauty tip than having a great time spent with family and friends. It’s so cliché, I know but hear me out. People tend to focus on being busy this holiday season that they forget that point of it all is to just enjoy and reconnect with you people you hold dear. A hearty laugh, warm smile and hugs can rekindle beautiful memories and friendship with everyone you meet.

When you’re having the time of your life, it will naturally show on your face and body. Your skin glows, your eyes light up and you exude that positive vibe that encourages others enjoy your company. And that is the most important holiday beauty tip you should wear. 

Now, back to you. Do you have any holiday beauty tips you would like add to this list? Care to share them in the comments below.

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