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HOOQ: Transforming the Way We Stream Online Video Content

HOOQ: Transforming the Way We Stream Online Video Content

Hooq Philippines

Image Credit: Hooq.tv

Hooq, Philippine’s newest video streaming service gave me a 30-day free trial so I can check out their service. Is worth a try? Let’s find out.

It has been over month since my friends and I went to celebrate the Cebu Blogging Community’s momentous 1st year anniversary.

Being part of this premier community has its share of remarkable perks–I have a new set of friends who share my passion in blogging while I get to network with some of our amazing commercial sponsors.

Hooq was one of our major sponsors who partied with us that evening. They gave each one of us a 30-day free trial for us to test their service.

For the uninitiated, Hooq Philippines is Asia’s brave answer to the growing demand for online video streaming service with more than 10,000 titles of foreign and local movies and TV shows in its repository.

Hooq, in partnership with Globe Telecom, is an esteemed brainchild that sprouted from the startup partnership between Singtel, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Sony Pictures Television.

Hooq users can enjoy unlimited video streaming service both online and offline (you can download their content for offline viewing) across different smart devices like smartphones, tablets and computers.

If you’ve ever heard about Netflix, it works just the same but the only thing is that the latter is not available in the Philippines or the most part of Asia.

But don’t you worry, Hooq will be more than enough to satisfy our need to consume TV and movie content while on the go.

Hooq Philippines Review

Hooq Main Dashboard

 My First Access to Hooq

Luigi from Hooq sent me an email a few days later with a special access code so I can access Hooq for free.

I’ve noticed as I was in the process of installing my Hooq profile, that it did take a while for it to install due to some issues with technical specs. Nonetheless, everything went on seamlessly.

It will require you to add Microsoft Silverlight, a free web browser plugin that allows you to easily enjoy interactive media on the Internet.

Having breezed through the entire registration and installation process, I’m now finally on its main dashboard.

Everything seems well in place with thumbnails of the movie or TV shows plastered on its main feed, neatly organized in different genres like Horror, Comedy, Romance, Science Fiction, Local TV shows, etc.

Its interface is easy to navigate around with a convenient access to search box found on top to easily search for different titles.

You can also sort out your search by choosing either “All movies” or “all TV” or check certain genres to be able to pull out possible titles based on your search keywords. That’s no-brainer, right? I thought so, too.

Hooq Philippines Review

Streaming a movie with Hooq

 Watching a Movie on Hooq

One of the first movies I’ve watched on Hooq was Due Date. It’s a funny movie starring Robert Downey , Jr. (Ironman) and Zach Galifianakis (Hangover). I’m not going to discuss what the movie is about so you won’t accuse me of being a spoiler, if you haven’t watched it yet.

Pros and Cons of Using Hooq

My entire viewing experience with Hooq was generally smooth but to give you balanced review about Hooq, here’s my list of the pros and cons.


  • Registration and installation is generally fast and easy to set up.
  • Its user interface is mobile responsive so you don’t have to zoom in and out on the screen. It will display the content according to the size of the device used.
  • Navigating around the site is very intuitive.
  • The search box is a  nifty little tool that will make it easy to search for titles of movies and TV series.
  • If you’re not sure what videos to watch next, it has a smart  suggestion feature where it suggests similar content based on the current genre you’ve watched or the kind of content you usually watch.
  • It displays a short description that you can read before viewing the content.
  • All important buttons like Start/Pause, Volume, Video Quality and Screen Display is all within reach below the video.
  • I had no major issues with the audio quality.


  • Sometimes, it tends to pixelate some scenes.
  • There are times when it logs you out if you’re watching for say about 40  minutes. I’m not sure what’s the science behind this but I hope they will fix this bug soon because it is really annoying.
  • Their movie library is fairly limited. Some of the popular movies I like to watch is not available. My guess is that for users on free service, the choices would not be that wide. I might try to upgrade to their premium service one of these days to prove if this is true or not.
  • Since Hooq is in partnership with Globe, you can’t really view as much as you want to since there is a data cap imposed by Globe. When I used my Tattoo 3G USB stick, I was only able to watch one movie before Globe sent me, what seems like a death sentence, stating that they are reducing my Internet speed because of my bandwidth  consumption.


It’s interesting to know how far technology has brought us and I wouldn’t have imagined before that I will be viewing my favorite TV shows online anytime, anywhere. It’s great to have Hooq and other similar video-on-demand service because they made our lives far easier.

No more waiting for TV show schedules or lining up at movie theatres. Rest assured, online video streaming has transformed the way we view and consume content and it will be here in the long haul whether we are ready or not.

If you wish to know more about their service, click right here.


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33 Responses

  1. So unfortunate I wasn’t able to attend the CBC anniversary and not be able to do this Hooq trial as well. Hopefully, the service is not too pricey.

  2. Janine says:

    Nalingaw gyud ko aning HOOQ ay! Enjoyed watching movies I haven’t seen before! Haha

    xx, Janine | A Blissful Blog

  3. Hanna Frej says:

    Dalia ra biitaw atong 30 days. Hehe. I think I’ve watched hundreds of movies that time. I wanted to subscribe again after the free trial but I was considering the Internet speed at home. 🙁

    • Jazmine says:

      Really? Wow, I believe I only watched mga 15 ra ka titles. My problem was our Internet connection. It sucks. Boo! I could only watch like few titles ra jd in a day before the video quality deteriorates.

  4. Cheryl F says:

    Unlucky for me I wasn’t able to attend CBC anniv but very curious with this Hooq thingy. Though I’m not allowed to watch movies on mobile or anything more than 30 minutes because of my eye problem, I still wanna try this one.

    • Jazmine says:

      I believe you have the option to download it to watch offline. But I haven’t tried downloading anything from Hooq yet. You can also watch it sa tablet or laptop, as well. Try it, it’s nice. 🙂

  5. I agree with Jan, I was really azed how I can watch movie on my phone especially the goodie old movies: ) I really love this App! Thanks Hooq and Globe: )

    Best regards,

    Rica | http://www.switbbydoll.com

    • Jazmine says:

      Haven’t tried it on a smartphone coz I mostly watch it sa laptop (want a bigger screen) but the experience was generally okay and I might even sign up soon to watch more.

  6. Vernon Go says:

    my HOOQ experience was really good, I can only hope that they add more movies and series to choose from!!

  7. Carlo Olano says:

    I enjoyed doing a movie marathon with HOOQ. I might even get a plan with Globe that will include a Hooq subscription.

  8. Emjae says:

    I’ve heard they have updated there library with new stuff, particularly a TV series that I like. It makes me want to subscribe again to HOOQ. This is really a great idea rather than putting those old good movies to history. 🙂

  9. HOOQ seems like a pretty good streaming specially since we’ve only got a handful of those in our country at the moment.
    Similar to some of the folks in here, I, too, didn’t get into their trial. But it seems pretty interesting being a huuuuge fan of watching amazing stuff myself, whether it be movies or TV shows.

  10. Romeo says:

    Nakaka HOOQ ang HOOQ! My experience was good but the technology can be further improved! 🙂

  11. Rose Angelie says:

    My kids and I absolutely got HOOQ’d! Though same with you, some of the movies we liked weren’t available, but still, we really enjoyed watching movies I never thought we’d love.

    Sharing our HOOQ experience here: http://www.mommywanders.com/2015/08/get-unlimited-entertainment-with-globe.html 🙂

  12. Ian Fuentes says:

    I love their selections now. Gotham, Arrow and The Flash are in!

  13. We had the same issues too. Had a few minutes to settle it through Silverlight on the browser and thank God it worked! Although the movie library is still growing, I am generally satisfied with HOOQ.

  14. Richie B says:

    Finally something similar to netflix. I’m hoping they add more videos and series to watch.

  15. HOOQ is just a great way to enjoy movies rather than being stuck in illegal sites. It may have limited library selections for now but then, it can generally satisfy a movie buff. Im not really a movie buff but I enjoyed watching the Disney collection together with my nephew. 🙂

  16. Fledermaus says:

    I enjoyed Hooq and was pleasantly surprised to find they had a lot of non-mainstream selections!

  17. Katherine says:

    Nag enjoy watch sa movies nga wala pa nako na watch before! Ang ka apan lang jud kay kung crappy ang internet connection, crappy jud ang video quality haha!

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