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How to Improve Your Email Productivity | Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide

How to Improve Your Email Productivity

How to Improve Your Email Productivity

Email Productivity tools or apps used to simplify reading and processing emails has remarkably improved over the years but what hasn’t changed much is that there are people who still find it really stressful because it eats up too much of their time.

The good news is that there are better ways to effectively tame your inbox and still have more time for other real work done. Here are steps you can take to manage your inbox without ruining your email productivity.

Tips to Improve Your Email Productivity

Be organized

The best way not to get overwhelmed with an onslaught of emails is to know where it comes from and place them in specific folders or filters: everything from urgent work filters, favorite blog newsletters filters, bank notification filters, personal email filters, etc. When emails are organized in categories, you’ll find it easier to search, reply or delete them.

Set up a schedule

To increase your email productivity, you don’t necessarily have to check every single email as they come because that would be a big waste of time. A best practice is to stick to a certain schedule to review emails.

This will require some discipline to allocate a few times in a day to deal with emails that have accumulated. Processing emails by batches are much more efficient than having to switch from one task to another.

If possible, respond right away

Respond to emails as soon as they are read, otherwise, they can be moved further down the inbox and it might get overlooked. However, if it requires more time to complete the action, then move them on a folder where you can check them later. If your response is not needed, you can delete it. It’s best to start each day with a zero inbox.

Unsubscribe to junk mails

Really, who has time for them? To lessen all the junk mails you receive, simply unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe link usually found at the bottom of the email. Some companies would still need you to send an email to remove you from their email list. You can also create filters that automatically delete these junk emails.

Make it short and concise

Keep your message clear and short as much possible. Your subject line can also be your entire message such as: “Brand Analysis Presentation on January 12, 2015. 1:30 PM, EOM”. EOM means End of Message which means nothing follows after subject line and the reader does not need to open it anymore.

It should be easy to read

When people are very busy, they have less time to read through a long paragraph of texts. Sometimes, people don’t bother reading everything and just scan it quickly to get to the main point of the email. To make sure nothing is missed, here is what can be done:

  • Use bullet points if you need to list some items or ideas
  • Write short two to three lines for each paragraph with spaces in between
  • Write the names of people involved in every action item

Send emails to the right people

Before sending that email, check whether you have included the right people to the To, CC, and BCC fields. Only address it to people that require their action or response.

Minimize notifications

Notifications from smartphones or desktop will surely distract you from getting anything done. So, turn them off, including notifications from social media and chat messages. Set a time to check them.

Customize email signatures

It’s recommended to customize your email signatures based on the recipient you are sending it to, whether it is for business, work, or personal purposes. In this way, you can be efficient when replying to emails.

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12 Responses

  1. Rea says:

    I do add categories to my email inbox and filter messages. You’re right about unsubscribing. I check my mail from time to time for mails I don’t need and then unsubscribe. They just clog my inbox. Good thing Gmail does a great job in filtering spam so that’s one less task.

  2. Anne says:

    I totally agree with all of this particularly on the organization part and prompt replies. It really helps to filter and categorize mail too.

  3. Great tips! I like Gmail as it already does some of these things automatically for me. I particularly like their spam filter

  4. Hannah Frej says:

    This is why i love gmail coz i guess it’s a bit more organized than others? i dunno. but yeah, you’re right, organization is really the key..

  5. Sometimes, I just cannot have a strict about emails since I get inquiries throughout the day and I just want to answer it ASAP. I never been swamped by emails but if it happens, I will always gonna look back at your tips. 😉

  6. Cheryl F. says:

    Very helpful steps. As for me I am using different email addresses for different mail reason. Like for subscription, I use email no. 1, for business or work related emails I use email no. 2. And another email address for personal. It’s quite difficult to manage them though but I see it very organized and clean 🙂

  7. This is really helpful, I do check my emails everyday, and I need to at least do this: ) thanks for always sharing a helpful tips dear!

    Rica | http://www.switbbydoll.com

  8. Emjae says:

    Ohhh so guilty with responding emails right away. I end up forgetting it when it goes down further the inbox. Great tips and one should really organize their email to be productive. 🙂

  9. From someone who devours emails everyday, very helpful tips! Filters work best.

  10. Katherine says:

    I’m glad to have read this! I am already practicing some of the items you mentioned. Great Jaz!

  11. Perfect timing! I’d love to have a clutter-free email. Finally! Thank you, te Jaz! 🙂

  12. Hehe this article just came in perfect timing. I was de-cluttering my email because my clients’ emails are buried amidst the Facebook and other social media notifications! It’s craaaazy!!! Haha I should be de-cluttering my email anytime soon 🙂

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