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K1 Spa: A Great Place to Unwind

K1 Spa: A Great Place to Unwind

Spa and Sauna Massage at K1 Spa

After celebrating two major festivities here in Cebu last January–namely, Sinulog and the IEC–it’s that time of the month to once again knead those stress and worries away and book myself a spa massage. I decided to go to K1 Spa, conspicuously located at F. Ramos St. near the Velez College.

I am quite familiar with this spa, having passed this place while en route to my destination in Colon Street. But today would mark the first time I get to sample of what they have to offer. In today’s post, I’ll share with you my honest review about my overall experience with this spa. Make sure to read all the way down and let me know your thoughts about this post. So here goes.


Ideal Location

Just like any business, a spa needs to have a great location in order to survive in the long run. Indeed, I would say K1 Spa is in a good spot and is fairly easy to find especially if you know the Downtown area by heart.

If you plan to take the public transport going there, you can always ride any jeepney that plies the F.Ramos Street (14D from Ayala Mall and Lahug jeepneys from Colon) or you can exercise those legs and walk a bit from either Jones Ave., Gen. Maxilom Ave or the surrounding areas near the Fuente Osmeña Rotunda Circle.

I don’t see any parking lot so I’m assuming that if you’re bringing a car with you, then you would have to park on the street near this place.

Spa and Sauna Massage at K1 Spa Cebu

Relax with a Sauna at K1 Spa

Gong inside is a breeze. It’s clean, well-maintained and smells just fine. K1 features a fusion of modern and Japanese zen interior with a soft cushioned sofa to sit on while waiting for your therapist.

Spa and Sauna Massage at K1 Spa Cebu

Chilling at the lobby area of K1 Spa

They offer several spa services but I opted to try their Spa and Sauna Massage. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think there aren’t that many spa and sauna combo offered here in the city, if any. So when some do, it’s usually from high-end spa centers. I’m glad that K1 offered such service so that budget-conscious spa goers can also try it.

After I showered, to the small sauna I went. K1 does not allow their customers to take pictures or bring their eyeglasses inside, obviously to avoid overheating and melting your gadgets.

So below is the only picture I took of the outside of the sauna. I stayed inside for about 30 minutes or so, enough to bring up some sweat and prepare my body for a massage later.

Spa and Sauna Massage at K1 Spa Cebu

Time to relax inside the sauna.

Cool Down with a Massage

My therapist then whisked me upstairs. Everything looks like any budget spas I’ve been to–all separated in cubicles with white curtains to give a moderate amount of privacy for each patron. It’s quite dark upstairs with only the neon light from their digital wall clock to guide your way inside.

Spa and Sauna Massage at K1 Spa Cebu

This is how their massage bed looks inside.

The massage was a combination of Swedish, Shiatsu and Thai which turned out to be really good. My therapist uses enough oil on my legs and body to lubricate and make it easier for her to apply slow to hard strokes, relieving muscle tensions and improving circulation around my body.

But it was more of Swedish massage strokes than it was Thai or Shiatsu because of the oil used on my body. I particularly like how she tapped, slowly knead and uses the ‘chopping’ technique to help loosen  some knots on my back muscles.


Final Thoughts

Although I can’t speak on behalf of all their spa services, it’s safe to say that K1 offers budget-conscious spaholics with a quality service and a pleasant place to take a short relaxing break from the daily grind.

For the price of P350, their Spa and Sauna massage was not at all bad and I encourage you to try if you haven’t already. I might want to go visit this place again and try their other traditional massages like Thai and Swedish massage.

So back to you. Have you tried having a massage at K1? How was it? Share your experience in the comment below.


For details on how to contact K1 Spa, you may reach them at:

K1 Spa

Address: 791 F. Ramos St., Cebu City, Philippines

Phone No.: (032) 416 1212



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