My Simple, No-Fuss Beauty Regimen

My Simple, No-Fuss Beauty Regimen

My beauty philosophy is pretty straightforward. The less I put on my face and body, the better.

I’ve lived with that philosophy the hard way because it took me several years and thousands of phony beauty products later before I could finally settle for the right one.

Here’s a roundup of the products I use as part of my beauty regimen to help me keep my skin look young, soft and beautiful.


My Beauty Regimen


Beauty Regimen - Dove Soap

I’ve used different soaps in my lifetime, either by choice or otherwise (sometimes relatives or friends would give me different brands to try) but Dove is my all-time fave.

I just like how it smells good without even trying. Right after I bathe, my skin feels soft like silk when I touched it. Sometimes, I don’t put any lotion at all. I use it everyday on my face and body.


Shampoo and conditioner

I’m prone to dandruffs all the time and I’m pretty sick of it, really. Nothing is more annoying than catching myself scratching my scalp in public and seeing dandruffs fall off from my head.

Unfortunately, I don’t use one brand of shampoo and conditioner anymore. I found out that once a certain dandruff shampoo or conditioner works for me, it starts to wear off its magic a month or so later.

Then I’m back to having dandruff infestation. For now, I’m using any brand until such time I can find a shampoo and conditioner that will hopefully cure this problem forever.

If you have some suggestions that can cure the worst dandruff indefinitely, tell me in in the comments below. I’m desperate and I would greatly appreciate any help I can get.


Hot Oil

Beauty Regimen - Black Beauty Hot Oil Treatment

Once a week, I apply Black Beauty Hot Oil with Vitamin E on my hair and scalp. I used to apply natural coconut oil before but I don’t have the luxury of time to buy and prepare it myself lately.

So this is my alternative, and it works just like any organic hot oil treatment. It doesn’t have that common ‘hair salon’ smell. I find convenient because products with strong fragrant smell causes allergic reactions.



Trust me, you shouldn’t skip on this. Using soaps alone can dry out the skin so you need to apply moisturizers because it contains humectants that attract and keep the water intact on the skin–keeping it soft and younger-looking.

Beauty Regimen - Celeteque Hydration Moisturizer

Celeteque DermoScience Hydration is my daily go-to moisturizer which I’ve been using for more than five years. It’s super light which means that it won’t weigh down on the skin like  most cosmetic moisturizers do. And this is why I find it really nice to use during the day.

Beauty Regimen - Nivea Creme MoisturizerI apply Nivea Creme moisturizer mostly in the evening before I go to sleep because the texture is quite rich and greasy for me to go out with. Sometimes,  I apply it on my lips, hands and feet, as well. I’m absolutely in love with this since it my skin feels really soft and smooth whenever I touched it in the morning. Go try and see it for yourself.


Body Scrub

Beauty Regimen - St. Ive's Body Scrub

Every week, I scrub my face and body with my favorite St. Ive’s Apricot Scrub. Although this product is intended for those with acne problems, it still works for me (I have normal to dry skin).

Not to brag or anything, many people say I look like I’m still in my early 20s, but I’m actually in my 30s now and I can maybe attribute that with how I dutifully incorporate face and body scrub into my routine to make my skin look younger than it should be.


Sunblock Lotion

Beauty Regimen - Celeteque Sun Care Matte MoisturizerI’m mostly indoors but I still make sure that I put on Celeteque Sun Care Moisturizer with SPF 30 at least 30 minutes before I go out of the house. It has a matte finish which absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave off that icky white film common among sunblock lotions.



Beauty Regimen - Nivea Whitening Dedorant

I’m not too adventurous when it comes to deodorant. I mostly stick to a brand that I’m comfortable with such as, Nivea Whitening Deodorant. As you may have observed, many commercial deos can cause dark armpits so I’m quite careful and don’t try out other brands, As much as possible. I don’t wear deos when I don’t have plans of going outside the house just to help my armpits take a breather from all the chemicals.



Beauty Regimen - Nivea Express Hydration Lotion for Normal to Dry Skin

I’m not very strict with lotion and I basically use any brands. Right now, I’m using Nivea Express Hydration body lotion. It has a watery texture that easily absorbs on the skin and moisturizes it the entire day.

So there you go. This is currently my beauty regimen. It may or may not change depending on my age and circumstances. Do you have your beauty regimen, too? Share your beauty secrets in the comments below.

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