A Weekend to Remember at Alta Cebu Resort

A Weekend to Remember at Alta Cebu Resort

It was one of those weekends I was looking forward to, simply because it’s the perfect occasion to bond with old friends and network with new ones within the Rotaract community where I’m proud to be part of. We had our annual District Assembly which is basically a region-wide seminar about Rotaract as a non-profit organization. This is also a good excuse to temporarily get away from the daily grind.

But today’s blog will not delve much on what transpired in our seminar; instead, I’ll give you a snippet of my mini-tour around Alta Cebu and my two cents on this boutique resort.


Alta Cebu Resort: A Picturesque Place to be

Alta Cebu Resort is a charming resort nestled near the mangrove marshlands of Cordova, Cebu. It establishes a Filipino village vibe surrounded by lush gardens and refined resort amenities.

I woke up at 6 in the morning and went outside the room unto a charming concrete pathway leading to our convention room where it housed our breakfast and seminar. I sneaked out briefly and strolled around the place.

It’s nice to hear birds chirping while strolling along a maze of villas and native houses. This is such a welcome respite from the urban jungle that I’m used to.

Everywhere you go, you’ll be greeted by a myriad of exotic plants of different shapes and sizes. Some of them, I haven’t seen since my childhood days.

Strolling around Alta Cebu Resort

It’s nice to stroll around Alta Cebu Resort  early in the morning.


Native Houses in Alta Cebu Resort

So clean, peaceful and relaxing.

Distinctly Bisaya

Most, if not all of their function rooms and buildings are named after distinctly Visayan words that can tickle the imagination of an average Bisaya and some foreigners who may know a few Visayan vocabulary.

Our convention room’s name is ‘Damgo’ which is a Visayan word for dream. Other room names that I’ve come across: Kalanggaman Bldg. (flock of birds), Kwaknit (bat), Tamsi (I’m assuming is a shortened lingo for ‘Tambok’ or fat + ‘sexy’).

Really, whoever named these rooms deserves a slow clap from me because you’re a genius in my book.

Sign Post in Alta Cebu Resort

Awesome names, I must say.

Relax and unwind

If you want to take a dip, Alta Cebu Resort have two main swimming pools—one besides the front desk and lounge area and second one is adjacent to the club house.

They are not that strict with your swimwear as I’ve seen many tourists (myself included) wearing shirts and shorts.

swimming pools at Alta Cebu Resort

 Take a dip and enjoy!

If  sports is more of your way to unwind, they have a pool hall, a dart board with mini gym area. Outside, you can play basketball, volleyball, table tennis and wall climbing.

I never used any of them because we were mostly indoors or frolicking by the pool at night. This would be great for company outings or sports fests.

Pool Hall at Alta Cebu Resort

Come on, let’s play.

Their Kaanindot Garden will lead you to a small path going down to a narrow foot bridge. Below it is green pond with a baby crocodile statue on the right and miniature water fountain on the left.

Moving on to the other side, you can find white pigeons caged inside a bird house blocked by metal bars. Poor birds, I wish the owner would just free them since this is not a zoo anyways.

Kaanindot Garden in Alta Cebu Resort

The way to the garden.

What I failed to do in this resort was to try out their spa. They offer massage and spa treatments in the Tranquility Center which on the outside looks like your typical souvenir shop.

Tranquility Center in Alta Cebu Resort

Next time, I’ll visit their spa.


Alta Cebu Resort exudes a 5 star resort feel sans the shallow pomposity common among high end hotels and resorts. I particularly liked their friendly staff, some of them even took the time to stop what they’re doing to greet me as they pass by.

Alta Cebu Resort Convention Center

A great place for seminars and other events.

It’s also decent place to host business meetings, seminars and other intimate events. But as for the food, though–they can do better.

I’m not exactly a food connoisseur but some of the food they served were just–meh. For me it was just okay, no fireworks in the mouth.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience here in Alta Cebu. If you’re up for a tranquil place to sit back and relax, yes, this is the place to travel in Cebu. When I come back next time, I’ll make sure to try out their spa and perhaps write about it soon.

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