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A Welcome Stress Relief at Mont Albo Massage Hut

A Welcome Stress Relief at Mont Albo

Monte Albo Cebu

If you’re somewhere near the IT Park area and you want to get some spa lovin’, consider going to Mont Albo Massage Hut, a somewhat inconspicuous spa right across University of Southern Philippines in Lahug, Cebu City.

No, I’m not sponsored to blog about them (but I wish they did, for a change). Like most of my spa reviews, I’m doing it independently to give my readers a balanced review.  It’s been awhile since I’ve gone on a spa hunt so I’m happy that I chose Mont Albo for a quick and relaxing sojourn from the daily grind. Sitting hours of daily traffic and demands from work sometimes can take a toll on your body.


Massaging your Stress Away

I chose Mont Albo with head massage from the menu. That day, I prefer something that’s not too hard, not too dry, less stretching and more traditional strokes. It’s an oil-based fusion of Swedish, Thai and Shiatsu massage. My massage therapist worked slowly kneading my legs, all the way down to the balls of my feet. There were more light twists, firm pressures and vigorous strokes on my arms, back and chest.

When she finally got to my head and pulled a bunch of my hair lightly, I was almost lulled to sleep. I find it deliciously relaxing when people run their fingers and play with my scalp and hair. I feel the same way whenever my hairdresser does this.

While the smell of peppermint oil might put off some people (or its icky after-feel), I actually like it because it reminds me of Vicks which I sometimes rub on my body at night before I go to sleep. If you’re not comfortable with oil lathered on your body, then inform your therapist beforehand.

The entire cubicle where I was at was spacious enough for my therapist to move around. The sheets look clean (or so I think) and the massage bed were comfortable enough to plop for my weary body. The spa music blaring in the background was just right—not too soft or too loud for patrons to get distracted.

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Mont Albo: Right for the Price

It was supposed to be a 1.5 hour massage but it feels like I was there forever. The overall service was just right for the price (P440+60 tip). My therapist targeted all my stress-prone areas and massaged it well. I slept well that night and feel invigorated when I woke up the next day.

My only gripe was that it was a little noisy–the noise mostly coming from customers swarming in the hallway before they reach their own cubicles. I guess, I should get used to this as this has always a problem I had to deal with everytime I go to a budget spa.

Other than that, everything was good. Maybe when I come back, I’ll try their Tui Na massage. If you want to try them, make sure to check out their website and let them know I recommended their place. Cheers!

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Hi there and thank you for visiting this blog. I’m Jazmine, a free-spirited life traveler whose quintessential pursuits involve searching for the best spa experience in Cebu and beyond. This blog is where I share my reviews, tips, how-to tutorials, interesting articles related to spa, wellness and health.

2 Responses

  1. GoodFoodTrip says:

    I like your blog! This is what I’ve been looking for ever since I moved to Cebu. I noticed Cebu’s spas aren’t the same like the ones in Manila na naay sauna/shower/steam room. Kanang sulod pa lang nimo relax na kaayo ka 🙁 I’d love to know if you find one na less than P1,000 🙂

    • Jazmine says:

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I can’t really make comparison between spas in Manila and Cebu since I haven’t really tried spas in Manila. Most of my spa hunts are in Cebu. There are a few spas in Cebu that offers spa and shower. Mont Albo is one and try K1 Spa, as well: K1 Spa: A Great Place to Unwind. For spas that offer their services for less than 1k, check this link: Spa Spotlight

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