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Spa 101: How to Enjoy a Thai Massage

Spa 101: How to Enjoy a Thai Massage

Thai massage is one of the most sought-after massage therapies out there. And for a good reason. It’s known to reduce stress level while turning your body into butter after an hour of yoga-like positions. Most people think that a...

Nuat Thai Aromatherapy Massage

My Thoughts on Nuat Thai Aromatherapy Massage

Today I went to Parkmall to indulge myself in another delightful massage, my favorite hedonistic pleasure that I enjoy very much. On the second floor, each side has several options for that quick massage fix but I picked Nuat Thai...

Yoga Thai Massage Mandaue

A Less than Stellar Experience with Yoga Thai Massage

I first saw Yoga Thai Massage in the early 90s whenever I would pass by A.C. Cortez Ave. or what we Cebuanos stereotypically call ‘Hi-way’, from home en route to the main thoroughfares of Mandaue City. When they first launched...