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The Benefits of Having a Back Massage | Cebu Spa and Wellness Guide

The Benefits of Having a Back Massage

Back Massage Therapy

Back pain is one of the most common health problems that affect almost everyone at some point in their lives.  It may be due to poor posture  and prolonged inactivity when sitting or standing all day.

While there are many ways to alleviate back pains, having a back massage is a clear favorite by many people.  It can bring instant relief and and relaxation to strained back muscles.


Benefits of Back Massage?

Bring Relief to Back Pains

After an intense workout or sitting at the desk the entire day, the back muscles are more likely to cause contractions due to overuse or immobility.  A relaxing back massage will help relieve back pains and decrease muscle tensions.


Promotes Circulation

Back massage can trigger circulation and improves blood flow around the body. This helps ensure that oxygenated blood brings the needed nutrients to major organs and muscles and metabolic wastes are transported from the organs.


Improves Sleep and Relaxation

Aside from alleviating back pains, a regular massage may help improve a person’s overall health and maintain an increased level relaxation.

It can lower stress and stimulates the production of endorphin which is a natural feel-good chemical produced by the body. It also provides better flexibility because relaxed muscles and a limber body allows full range of mobility.

Muscle tension may lead to difficulty falling asleep or having a relaxing sleep. Back massage allows you to achieve a full sleep cycle for optimum health and performance.


Do I only need a massage to relieve back pains?

As beneficial as it is,  scientific studies on the health benefits of massage are quite limited. It may not be the right solution to serious conditions.

Ideally, it is great for relaxation and decreasing soreness on the body. Health experts don’t recommend it as a substitute for chronic postural problems that may require an advanced method in correcting it.


What are the common types of back massage?

Swedish Massage

This is the most sought-after massage therapy which involves  kneading, bending, stretching and long gliding strokes with the help of a massage oil. It is beneficial in improving circulation and flexibility while easing muscle tension.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage can target strains in the muscles by focusing o n the deepest tissue layers in the muscle. It has more or less the same techniques used in Swedish massage. However, the pressure is much more intense as the therapists works on loosening muscle knots.



This is an alternative treatment that focuses the pressure on the feet, hands and ears. The principle behind reflexology is that reflex points connects to the other organs of the body—and when pressed, may bring positive impact on a person’s health.


Sports Massage

As the name suggests, sports massage is designed to prepare and relax the muscles before a sports event and decrease soreness after an intense workout or game. It involves more stretching and less pressure as compared to deep tissue massage. Most athletes include sports massage as part of their training routine.


Shiatsu Massage

Derived from an ancient Eastern belief, Shiatsu bases on the premise that life force or qi circulates around the body in 14 different channels or meridians and once they are blocked, it may cause physical, mental and emotional issues. A typical shiatsu therapy uses pressure points, together with stretching, and rocking to clear up blocked meridians and revitalize energy flow.


Lymphatic Massage

It is type of gentle massage that stimulates natural drainage of the lymph, which flushes out toxins from the tissue. It is particularly used in reducing the swelling from lymphoedema, headache and detoxification.

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