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What to Expect When Having a Facial Spa Treatment

What to Expect when Having a Facial Spa Treatment

What to Expect when Having a Facial Spa Treatment

A facial spa is a type of skin treatment for the face done by a professional skin esthetician. Its benefits will not only get your face a much-needed cleansing, exfoliation and moisture. It can also be a relaxing  and rejuvenating experience that you’ll enjoy.

If this is your first time to have a facial, you might be a little hesitant to allow a stranger to treat your skin, perhaps because you don’t really know what to expect from it.

With so many facial services and trends offered by salons these days, how can you find a facial spa treatment that is well suited to your skin?   Here are some great tips that can shed light on your most burning questions about what to expect out of a facial and hopefully make your first visit the best one there is.


Facial Spa Treatment should be part of your regular beauty regimen

You probably might think that washing your face alone is enough, but in reality you need a professional esthetician do a deep cleansing every now and then to treat some common skin problems associated with changes in weather, environment, your age and products used on the face.


Your esthetician will ask you about your medical conditions before any treatment is done

This the best time to be honest and speak up about any special allergies, medical concerns and your face care routine. Your skin might be prone to  breakouts or often gets extremely dry or some ingredients may irritate your skin, make sure to discuss this with your esthetician as soon as you arrive at the salon.


Beware of facials that are ‘too good to be true’

Because they probably are. If you’re only going for a basic facial spa treatment, any salons that claim to get rid of wrinkles in just one session is a hoax.

Face lift procedures is way more different and complicated than a mere facial. Be particularly wary also of spas that consistently offer ridiculously cheap spa packages.

You have to understand that operating a spa and keeping skilled staff to make their customers happy is not easy and does not come cheap.

If you expect excellent quality results, spending a few extra money is well worth it than just skimping a few bucks only to get a disastrous result.


Get a facial at least once a month

Having a regular facial spa treatment routine depends on your skin type, age, environment and budget. We recommend doing it once a month. This is because it takes a month for skin cells to rise from the dermis to the surface and die.

Facial can promote easier exfoliation of dead skin cells, keeping your skin smooth and younger looking.


Extractions can be painful

Depending on the type of facial spa treatment, it may include extraction to remove your pimples, whiteheads or blackheads.

Depending on your tolerance, expect some pain that goes with. Inform your esthetician about how much pressure and pain you can handle.


What follows after a facial spa treatment?

There will be slight irritation or redness after a facial. If the facial is done right, it should be gone in day. However, those with breakouts treated, expect a few more days for skin to totally heal and the improvements.

Otherwise, if it’s a chronic problem, your esthetician should recommend you to seek a dermatologist for specialized treatment.

So before you head out to a facial salon, do your research. Ask your friends for those who’ve tried it. Consider all the points mentioned here and you’re just a few steps away from achieving a vibrant and healthy looking skin.

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