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30 Things that I'm Truly Grateful For

30 Things that I’m Truly Grateful For

30 Things That I Am Truly Grateful For

One thing that I’m sure of is that I am blessed. Even with all the problems and challenges that I may have, I still feel and see abundance everywhere that has somehow enriched my life, one way or another.

These abundance don’t necessarily mean that I’m swimming in material wealth nor  have my leg up on everyone else. Heck, I still have a long way to go in terms of achieving success at anything in life.

I am blessed primarily because of the people, circumstances and things that has made my journey more enjoyable (at times, tolerable) and meaningful.

So, today I’m going to shine the spotlight to those who have made a special mark in my life. This is my only way to say thank you for putting up with me and for shaping my ideas, values and attitudes whether you are keenly aware of it or not. Here are the 30 things that I am truly grateful for.


1. To Mama Chona, thank you for accepting me even when I feel that I’m a big failure in the family.

I know that all you wanted was for me and my brothers was to be successful in our chosen career path. You want to see me work at a high-paying job, have my own house and car, travel the world, and most of all, marry and have my own family. Sadly, most of them never materialized (or at least not yet) and I’m sorry if this is frustrating for you.

But thank you for still supporting me with my endeavors (my blogging) even when you don’t completely see the whole point of it. Thank for all the sacrifice, love and for not giving up on our family. Everyday I pray that I could give you a good retirement someday so that you don’t have to work so hard and get that house you’ve dreamed of for so long. Yes, someday. I’ll work on that one.


2. To God – I am grateful for who I am and for what I have achieved because of You.

Yes, I am notorious at complaining and pretty good at it, especially for the most mundane problems. There was also point when I questioned my existence, you know, the whole ‘what’s-the-purpose-of-living-when-we-are-all-gonna-die-anyways’ phase.

I have gone through all the growing pains with my Christian faith but one thing that remains constant is your unconditional love and acceptance of my weaknesses and imperfections. You never failed to provide me with what I need–family, friends, good health, education, career, passion, and sense of purpose.

I may not be rich, insanely beautiful and influential, but I am still blessed considering that there millions out there who are mired in poverty and utter hopelessness. For that, THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. Whatever time that’s left for me here in this world, I intend to use that wisely to spread kindness and love around the world.


3. Thank you Giselle, Kristina and Lucille.

I’ve learned as I got older that friends do come and go. Some friendships are short-lived while others last longer than you would have expected.

Giselle, Kristina and Lucille are my closest high school friends whom I’m glad to still hang out until now. We share secrets, traded barbs and mean jokes, give unsolicited advice and talk endlessly about anything under sun. So thank you girls, for being there for me and putting up with all my quirks.


4. To my SFC family

Thank you for accepting me in the community and helping me be closer to God. To Sis Guadz, Mommy Els and to my first household group members—Sis Janice, Felcy, Ged, thank you for making it fun for me when I started in the community. I want to also thank my SFC Family in Lapu-Lapu City for helping integrate in a new community after I left Manila few years ago.


5. To My Friends at the Rotaract Club of Metro Cebu

I’m grateful for those who believed in me and gave me the chance to be the Secretary. It gave me the chance to help the club in handling different admin tasks, It was a pleasure working on projects with you all.


6. To my super cute and cuddly cats–Roco and Milo

I love you both to pieces! Whenever I leave home for a couple of days, I always miss you all and I wish I could bring you wherever I go. Thank you because you have taught me to be kind and gentle to animals.


7. I am grateful for the peace and security in my neighborhood

Every now and then, I would sometimes hear stories of people getting robbed of their belongings but so far, I lived in a peaceful neighborhood. It is still far from perfect but at least I can still sleep well at night and the place is also secure.


8. To my brothers, Ted and Jr.

Thank you. We don’t talk too much to one another but I’m still grateful for having you both as my siblings. I wish you both success in your careers abroad and I hope that you two will stay safe always.


9. Laptop and Internet

Two of the most essential tools I need to be able to work on this blog post. If I don’t have any of these at home, I would probably still be writing in an Internet cafe at 2 A.M.


10. My work at Vodien

I am so grateful that I was employed by my boss Alvin at Vodien, the best web hosting company in Singapore. I worked for them as their social media and content specialist. It’s great to work here where employees are actually treated as people and not just as mere employees.


11. To Elcasmer Acedo from Rotaract

Thank you for having the patience even when I am impatient and difficult to work with sometimes. Just a little background, he was our Club President last year and I was also the Club Secretary. We work closely with handling issues, project and admin tasks pertaining to our club.


12. I am grateful for the good health

I am alive, I don’t have any major illnesses and everyday is a good day to be alive.


13. Thank you to my Kababayans!

Despite all the problems encountered here in our country, I am still so blessed to have been born here where I can still see people practice good values such as respect for elders, helping a friend in need, praying before meals and many more.


14. Thank you to my first pet dog, Tricksy

To my dog Tricksy, you are probably in dog heaven right now but I just want you to know I still remember  the time when we had you at home and you were the cutest thing ever! Thank you for being a part of our family.


15. I am grateful to all my previous bosses

I am grateful for the chance to showcase my skills and talent at the company. Thank you for believing in me.


16. To my nieces Mika and Angelie

When my two brothers left abroad, it was just me and Mama at home. It was really lonely but when both of you came, you filled our house withwarmth and happiness. Thank you and I pray that you two will grow to be lovely ladies one day.


17. To WordPress

I tried other blogging CMS just so I could say to myself that I am not too attached to you but it’s really not the same without you. So I finally decided to come back and I hope to stay with you for good.


18. Namecheap

It’s the web hosting company that I’m using to host this blog. So far I have no major problems and it’s easy to contact their customer reps if I find something weird about my blog. These guys are awesome and I would like you to try them if you’re looking for web host for your website.


19. Meditation

I recently tried doing 15-minute meditation these past few days and I feel a little better. I have learned to breathe naturally and my mind is not as chaotic as before.


20. Thank you to my landlady

I don’t see her very often but I’m grateful that she’s nice and never gave me a hard time when asking for my rent.


22. To my landlady’s housemaids

Twice, I locked myself out in the room and you had to change and attach the door lock again because of my carelessness. I’m such a bad tenant so thank you for putting up with you. I hope you liked the cake I gave you.


23. To the carenderia where I frequently eat

Since I’m not allowed to cook inside my room, I have no choice but to eat outside. So, I’m thankful that there are several carenderias near my place and they are open as early as 6 am until 10 pm.


24. To Celeteque Moisturizer

Since I have dry to normal skin, I would often experience dryness every now and then. Thanks to Celeteque, I now have younger-longer skin.


25. Thank you, Spotify.

I really love this app! You can just add as many songs in your playlist as you like without paying a single cent. What I like about this is how you can stream songs privately so no one will judge you for your song choices. Haha.


26. To all my officemates.

Thank you for sharing your stories over coffee break, for teaching me how to use some tools at the office and covering for me when I was on sick leave.


27. Thank you for my safety

I am grateful that until now, I am alive and there are no immediate threats against my life.


28. To my enemies.

You know who you are. Thank you still, for teaching me to not trust anyone too much and to use my brain, not just my heart.


29. To all my friends at CBC.

I’m so thankful and honored to be part of this blogging community that has helped me reach my potential as a blogger. I not only have mentors in this group but I also found new set of friends. Thank you!


30. Sir Thadz

Thank you for inviting me to write this Gratitude post which is part of his 30-Day Blogging Challenge with CBC.

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